Our Product Portfolio

We know that core product is the heart and soul of the automation industry, even a minor failure or a downtime can lead to huge losses, that is why at Live Wire Electrical & Automation, we believe in providing you the best services & solutions available in automation industry.

Electrical & Control Panels

We offer Control Panel Manufacturing and commissioning for different existing and new processes. We provide a variety of Control Panel Designing based on the customer needs and requirement.

Type of panels we deals in are as follows

  • ✅ PLC Panels
  • ✅ MCC (Motor Control Center) Panels
  • ✅ VFD Control Panels
  • ✅ APFC (Automatic Power Factor Control)
  • ✅ PCC (Power Control Center) Panels
  • ✅ Feeder Pillar Panels
  • ✅ DCS Control Panels
  • ✅ ACFC (Automatic Cane Feed Control) System

Logix System/SLC/MicroLogix PLC

We offer our client an array of PLC of different manufacturer with best available industrial rates according to the client’s requirement & process. PLCs are programmed by our skilled team of engineers who have experience in different PLCs. PLCs we provide are durable, fire retardant, and flexible user friendly and can be used in any type of industry. Some of the leading PLC Brands we use are Allen Bradley, Siemens, Delta and Mitsubishi etc.


We are one of the fastest growing company in the field of SCADA/HMI. We provide solution in SCADA/HMI for variety of industries. All of our SCADA/HMI products are developed by skilled engineers with experience in different SCADA/HMI systems.


We provide most reliable and efficient AC drives according to the need of the client. As drives are one of the most basic needs of a healthy plant, we provide AC drives with secure and reliable working condition. All the specifications of the drives are chosen taking care of the working condition

Vibration Monitoring

We provide a wide range of Vibration Monitoring System in the industries. Vibration monitoring is a preventive kind of Monitoring system which is designed to respond to change in Machines condition.


A typical application - is remote pump stations that are commonly used by water supply and water treatment plants. A plant or factory may need to monitor a level in a sump, the low rate of the liquid that is pumped to or from the pump station and may need to monitor of the temperatures on pumps. Automatic engine pump unit monitoring and remote control system with SMS Text Message notification direct to your mobile phone. Reports messages including: Low Flow; High Pressure; Low Pressure; Hi Temperature; Oil Pressure; Low Pump Pressure; High Pump Pressure; High Engine Temperature; Low Engine Oil Pressure. Operational status can be checked at any time by simply calling SMS and waiting for the return SMS text message. The engine pump unit can easily be shut-down remotely from the operator's mobile phone.


Pressure Transmitter,
Differential Pressure Transmitter,
Temperature Transmitter,
Ph Transmitter,
Level Transmitters etc.

Control Valves

This effects the Process. All type of Valves/Actuators Such as Cylinder, Control Valve, and Butterfly Valves etc. Optional Pneumatic/Electrical Actuators Input of Electrical Actuators 4-20mA, output 4-20mA.Limit Switches etc.

Pressure Switches

All types of Pressure switches for Steam line, Oil line and in many more applications.


All type of Convertors such as current to Pneumatic, Pneumatic to current, Frequency to current etc.

Digital Temperature Gauge

Digital Temperature Gauges Based on RTD suitable for Different Processes

Level Switch

Application: High/Low level signals for alarm Annunciation, Safety interlock, Solenoid Valve control, Prevention of tank overflows, Pump safeguard against dry running.

Flow Indicator cum Totalizer

Digital Flow Indicator Cum Totalizer with Totalizing Counter 6/8 Digit Electro-mechanical as well as electronic, Digital Bar Graph Indicator. Input: 4-20mA output: 4-20mA Square root: Available Option : 1 or 2 channel

Orifice Plates/Air filter Regulators

Orifice Plate Assembly for measuring Flow of Air, Steam and Process, Air filter Regulator-Extensively used for Process Control Instruments and other


Micro Processes based 2, 4, 8, 16 channel Paper Less Recorder for different Processes


All type of Compensating Cables for Thermocouple and special purpose Signal cables for RTD/Control cables like Armoured/ Screened /Multicore/Multi Stand/PTEF Coated


Solid State Alarm Annunciator 6/12/24/48 Channels & others All type of Industrial Hotter in different Sound and Supply like-24 VDC,220,115 VAC etc.


All type of Rotameter to control and indicate flow rate of any process such as. * Metal Tube Rotameter * Reflex Type Rotameter * By Pass Rotameter

Circular/Strip Chart Recorders

1/ 2/ 3/Pen Circular Chart Recorder and Strip Chart Recorder. Option: Clock/Antilock wise Application:-Process Data Recording.

Non Contact Thermometers

In the case of many applications the temperature values measured are not very accurate by conventional contact measuring Methods, so Non Contact Type Thermometers are used .Thermometer Range -50 C to 2000 C


Weather Proof/Flame Proof, Solid state & Micro Processor based PID Digital T e m p e r t u r e/ P r o c e ss Indicating/Controllers with Universal Input & Output and other many more optional feature are available. Like for Alarm, Load Cell supply,24 VDC Retransmission for Tx. Jumbo Display & Tip Counter.

Pressure Gauges

All type of Pressure Gauges, such as Bourdon/Diaphragm/Glycerin filled/Differential Pressure/Draught /Capsule/Ammonia/Freon Gauges. Optional electrical contacts for Hi-Low Alarms. In Various Dial sizes (40 mm to 250 mm Connection/Range as per standard/Requirement).


Digital Temperature Scanner with universal/specified Input, Output, Alarm with other many optional features are available 6/12/18 Channel& Others

Temperature Gauges

All type of Temperature sensors for any type of Industrial application like RTD's such as Pt-100, Cu-2000, and all type Thermocouples such as 'J' 'K' 'R' ' Special type Thermocouple with PTEF/Tungsten Carbide coating etc. Accessories: - All type of Thermowell


In wide range all type of Mercury in Steel, Gas filled & Bi-Metallic Temperature Gauges like Steam Type. Every Angle type, Capillary type etc.Optional electrical contacts Hi-Low Alarm/Trip.


All type of Calibrators like Universal, Temperature, Pressure current Calibrators. Type: Hand Head/Table Top Input: RTD=(-)200 TO 600 C Ranges : mV=to 199.99mV Display :digit LCD.Dispaly Accuracy:-+ 0.11%

Reflex Level Gauges/Manometer

Top Mounted * Float Board Level Indicator * Float Type Level Indicator * Side Mounted Level Indicator * Reflex Level Gauge * "U" Tube Manometer *Single Limb Direct Reading Manometer etc.